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I AM Academy School supports orphans and vulnerable children in the community through, Education, healthcare and discipleship.

At the school, our 250 children can’t access clean water for drinking and cooking food at school. They must take time away from classes to walk 2 kilometers to fetch drinking water in a nearby stream. If clean, safe water was available to our students and teachers on site, they could invest those precious hours in their studies. Water from the well would be available to families in local community.

School food fundraising Campaign

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IAM Academy School provides 2 meals a day for 250 children – every day. Our mission is to make sure these children receive a nutritious well-balanced diet.

Only then can they have energy they need to grow strong, play, study and learn. Without healthy food, none of this is possible.

Help us to raise funds to feed these precious children. Any size gift will help.

Matthew; 25:35, For I was an hungry, and you gave me meat: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in.


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Per classroom block

I am Family Ministries has been supporting over 1,000 Vulnerable children and orphans since 1998 from all over Uganda with Education, food, clothing, safe water and healthcare.

For the past period there has been a gradual increase in the number of the vulnerable children in the rural urban and the rural areas due to the high standards of living that has led to an increase of poverty since most of the parents and guardians are peasant subsistence farmers, practice fishing, work in quarries, cyclist and other casual workers in Rwanjaba and Maya Community this has however led to an increase in child Labour, Child Neglect and child abuse.

We are going to establish a community school to create a safe environment where the children are nurtured into God fearing citizens and impact with general school knowledge and life skills that can help them and their families earn a living for a sustainable development and this is only possible through your generous support in this fundraising drive.